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Project Management

Our experienced and trained professionals will lead the project and permitting our clients to bypass all inter-vendor issues and the need to administer and manage multiple vendor relationships for all IT-related issues. Over the years our people have developed expertise in the project life cycle, risk analysis and assessment, budget control and building customer relationship.


1. Network Cabling

2. IT infrastructure Building/Expansion

3. Network Infrastructure Building/Expansion

4. Office Setup/Relocation

5. Server Migration/Consolidation/Expansion


Web Solutions

Harness the power of the Internet, with a personal or professional company web site you could deliver thoughts, information and promote businesses, products and services across the globe. Our web services offers individuals and businesses to create a World Wide Web presence and to enable one's work and findings, company's products and services to make known and advertised to the world. Our experienced web master will assist in the design, content building and construction of professional web site.

1. Web Hosting.

2. Web Site Development.

3. Web Site Maintenance.


Software Development

Looking to enhance and streamlines your business operations with IT? We can come up with software to help your company lowering manpower time and cost increasing your business effectiveness. Call us today and tell us your needs. We perform feasibility studies on your business operations before we come up with a software system solution for you. This way, the software would help company tremendously.



Our network services offer the latest in technology and best practices in the market today. While preserving your initial investment or otherwise new expansion we recommend, design and build the necessary infrastructure that is practical, scalable and robust to support the ever demanding bandwidth in today's digital business world.


            1. SOHO Networking

            2. Corporate Enterprise Networking

            3. Wireless LAN (WLAN)

            4. Network Management Service

            5. Network Health Reporting


IT Consultancy

Our Consultants provides expert advice in various knowledge domains such as information technology, networking, security and e-commerce assisting an organization to develop a new strategy or solve a particular problem.

We reassure our clients about the quality of the consultancy giving the client access to the experience and methodologies of the whole consultancy rather than an individual.

We listen and assist our clients in the choice, planning, architect and implementation of IT project


Corporate Mailling Service

Enterprises need a strong, feature filled messaging solution. But they slog in getting the right solution. There are many reasons hidden behind this like 

1. Messaging Solutions of Late have become too complex and resource oriented.

2. Upgrades are too expensive.

3. Browser based user don’t meet the requirements of power who need to work from a remote location